Sitting in my class

So, after reading the blog re-posted to the Washington Post and titled, “Teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns,” I decided to make some small changes to my classroom.

The students are always maneuvering (how do you spell that word? – I could have sworn there was an “OE” in there somewhere.  Ah! It seems I was thinking of the original French, “manoeuvre,” which comes from the Latin “manu operari.”  No wonder the English spelling is so tricky for me.)

As I said, the students are always maneuvering into favorite seats, putting their feet up, angling for a padded “teacher” chair, sneaking into Katie Crowley’s easy chair, etc.  I have always kind of rolled my eyes at this, and never have allowed them to sit in the teacher chairs (because . . . because . . . I can’t explain why).  Now after reading about how exhausting Alexis Wiggens found sitting all day, and after using the student desks myself, I can see their point.  So, now I let them sit where they like, and encourage them to get comfortable if we’ll be reading or listening or watching.  Like this:FullSizeRender


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