Quarter Grades

Back from my rowing boondoggle in Boston, and here I am sitting down to write progress reports and compute quarter grades.  But wait!  I don’t have a gradebook this quarter.  How will I figure out which grade to place in that box to sum up the student’s work over the quarter?  Luckily I do have:


1. a journal with at least six entries, plus my feedback on half the entries – this includes the first writing assignment that required them to give examples to support their answers,

2. two quizzes, with feedback organized into categories: content, writing and memorization,

3. a S.E.E. paragraph, and the accompanying “works cited” page, with a page’s worth of my feedback,

4. a narrative summary of each student’s performance on the quizzes and paragraph,

5. daily rubrics for 90% of our class days, and

6. each student’s self-assessment of the quarter (about a page written), and

7. each student’s self-assigned grade, after writing the self-assessment above.

Here are my questions for my next post – when I finish writing reports and assigning grades:  How is my daily rubric working?  Is the feedback I’m giving useful to me?  How can I better organize my feedback so that it’s more streamlined? What about a shared document for each student that has running feedback?  Are my progress reports better this year?


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