Grading writing without grading writing

 So, this was the type of feedback I gave on their first writing assignment.


And then about halfway through, just as I was getting into a rhythm, I realized that they would need my written comments as they approach their next assignment.  And I would need them to keep track of their progress.  Unfortunately, their first writing was done in their journals during class, and my comments are also in their journals.  The intention was that the journal would reside in the classroom.  In that location it serves neither their needs nor mine.  

My plan going forward is to have any “graded” writing assignments completed on paper.  Then once corrected, I can scan the whole pile to my computer.  This was my plan for assessments all along.  Thank you, Jennifer Fleischer.

But for this assignment, only inelegant solutions remain.  Scan the writing plus comments? Type up a narrative based on my comments? Have the students photograph my comments? I photograph my comments?  Ouch! The learning curve is uphill!

Feel free to comment with suggestions for giving feedback on writing in a useful way.


One thought on “Grading writing without grading writing

  1. What if you typed up your response so that you had the record and returned it to the kids so that they have the record too? I find I’m quicker at getting thoughts down and have them organized and all in one place when I do this. Just an idea.


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