So. Much. Work.

So getting started in daily assessment and standards-based grading is both easier and harder than I thought it would be.


1. Between this focus on their work in and out of class and the initial assignment to write me a letter, I feel I know them really well.

2. It feels right to give each student a full report each day and start with a clean slate the next day.

3. The details of their work, positive and negative, are not falling through the cracks for them or for me.  And I’m thrilled at the record of their work we are creating together.


1. It’s a ton of work initially, since I’m doing all the assessing.  Soon we will move to more self-assessment which will be more efficient for me.

2. It takes a lot of my time during the two weeks when I’ve started school and my own four children are still on summer break.  It’s not an ideal time to have extra work in my particular situation.

3. Did I mention it’s a lot of work?  It’s 5pm, time to work on dinner, and I have still not completed 7 rubrics nor have I planned tomorrow’s classes.  How exactly would I get this done if I were teaching a full load? Or if my class sizes were 20+.  Or 40+ like the school not 100 miles away where my best friend teaches?

So. So far, so good.  This feels helpful and honest and authentic.  And I’m wiped out.

Coming soon: Colleague experiences (from people with other classes to teach!), Rubric updates, Student responses



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